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learn to scuba dive with me

I have experience in teaching more than 100 students and taken more than 300 people diving who were nonswimmers. I was also honoured with the title of Elite 100 Instructor for the year 2019 from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors).

I am absolutely passionate about teaching people the art of scuba diving. Introducing somebody to the underwater realm and the smile it brings on their faces is what I love the most about my job.

Everybody should experience the beautiful underwater world at least once in their lifetime.

It really brings you closer to the realisation of heaven on earth!

If you would like to learn to scuba dive from me, then write to me!

You can learn to scuba dive anywhere and I guarantee it will be fun, but learning it from somebody who is absolutely passionate about the oceans is what makes it even better!

Some of my Student Reviews:

  • positive review  He is amazing instructor... He made my first dive an easy experience... He knew my fears in one meeting, assessed me n helped me overcome them.. He was comfortable and clear.. N encouraging... Wish many more dives with him...

    Anitha G S Naik Avatar Anitha G S Naik
    September 23, 2019
  • positive review  Firstly, I couldn’t believe that Viraj is only 25 years old when he told me. His maturity and poise makes him come across as way more seasoned. And that translates into his calm and assured way of having you learn various skills while you do your certification. He is very attentive to all details (pre-checks, procedures, etc) and does not for once take any part of his job less seriously. One feels calm while learning the various skills from him. I appreciate his patience and know that I will be going back to him to learn more! Would happily recommend him to anyone who wants to learn diving!

    Thomas George Avatar Thomas George
    September 23, 2019
  • positive review  Viraj is an instructor who goes beyond just giving you the skills for being a certified diver. I did my open water course with him and he took the time to teach me the nuances of each skill which made me feel confident in pushing my my boundaries (safely!). I knew I could trust my instructor which made the dives that much more fun. Will be back for my aow!!

    Ivy Kullar Avatar Ivy Kullar
    September 22, 2019
  • positive review  He's great in the water, an amazing instructor delivers instructions with ease and with clarity. let him take you diving.

    Rishab Menon Avatar Rishab Menon
    September 28, 2019

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