Spotted a puffer fish on a dusk dive in Pondicherry
spotted school of batfish scuba diving in pondicherry
The famous tsunami statue enroute Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
A picturesque moment at the Rupin Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh
Spotted a moray eel on a dive in pondicherry
A grouper at the fishermen reef in Pondicherry
The Murudeshwar temple at night
Mount Lavinia railway station
Spotting diverse reef systems while Scuba diving in Netrani
What's more mystical than a full moon?
Experiencing the roots of Sri Lanka via train travel
Witnessed a beautiful sunset and a setup out of nowhere while getting back from from work. What better than capturing it?
Just a man selling coconuts in netrani
The red blood moon awakened the wolf in me! (Good wolf)
Scuba diving at the fisherman's reef in pondicherry
The colorful night market of Murudeshwar aka Netrani
Spotted a school of mackerels while scuba diving in Pondicherry
Beautiful mountains dogs on the Rupin Pass Trek
The picturesque pier at the Pondicherry rock beach
Pondicherry rock beach pier
Pondicherry rock beach pier
No that's not my hand.

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