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Hi, I am Viraj. A scuba diving instructor and a digital marketer. This blog is dedicated to sharing my travel stories with everyone, and in some way, be able to inspire all to lead a sustainable, eco-friendly, earth-loving life. I absolutely love the oceans, the mountains, and prefer backpacking. It’s not just about travelling to me but more about exploring, and experiencing new cultures to expand the limited perception we tend to live with.

In my time as a full-time scuba diving instructor, I have trained more than 150 students and taken more than 500 people diving. I used to live in Pondicherry for about 2 years and loved the experience of living in a small beautiful coastal town.

Currently, I am based in Pune, which is on the west coast of India. It’s a hilly town which is slowly losing its essence of greenery due to manufacturing and IT growth spurt. I am also the co-founder of SociialyMarketing – a creative agency specializing in digital marketing, web design & development, and brand design & strategy.

With the love for oceans and the mountains comes great responsibility. I genuinely believe in environmental conservation, as today a majority of the flora & fauna on our wonderful planet is facing the fear of extinction due to the menace of pollution and human activity. To play my part in the conservation, I try to promote eco-tourism, sustainability, and environment-friendly ventures through my travel blog. Currently, I am also a part of an NGO undertaking marine conservation in Pondicherry called Kuddle Life Foundation.

Social & green entrepreneurship interests me, so if you ever have an idea for an eco venture, I would love to discuss it over a cup of sustainably sourced coffee.

scuba diving in india

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